Case Study

Ibex House

Using our wealth of knowledge and experience we produced all the straight and over 400 pre-cut bends and sets on time.

Ibex House, 42-47, The Minories, London.

Over 1100 linear metres of 50mm Phenolic SlottedSection Pipe Insulation clad with white, black and silver Proclad 150 laminate were installed on the chilled, heating and domestic pipework services at Ibex House, an impressive looking 1930s modernist office block situated in Central London.

Prime thermal approached us to help them with creating an insulation solution for the stainless-steel pipework within plantrooms, corridors, external trenches, roof and risers. The insulation needed to be manufactured to specific sizes, allowing for the foiling and trace heating of the pipework. Mostly these were nonstandard sizes. Every effort was made to ensure the SlottedSection was a perfect fit for all the sizes and this required bespoke fabrication. The site programme was fast and Prime required materials to be delivered within a very tight time frame.

We enabled Prime Thermal, through distribution, to complete their installation within a 4-week period. SlottedSection produced over 300 linear metres of laminated section with 83 bends and 55 sets for the first order within 4 days from receipt.

Using our wealth of knowledge and experience SlottedSection produced all the straight and over 400 pre-cut bends and sets on time. The insulation was installed Prime Thermal’s team of qualified and experienced Thermal Insulation Engineers to an excellent standard.

Martin from Prime said that having the bends and sets pre-cut and sent to site flat packed saved time and helped them achieve completion as required.

All Photos Courtesy Of Prime Thermal

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